George Rowe’s View of Melbourne from the Observatory on Flagstaff Hill in 1858. Image: The State Library of Victoria.

I study historical climates of Australia using early instrumental data. This involves a mix of statistical analysis, data quality assessment, citizen science, historical climatology, and detective work. Here you’ll find my publications, and details of data access.

Academic publications


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Ashcroft, L., 2014. Extending the instrumental climate record of southeastern Australia. PhD thesis, School of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne, 516 pp. Abstract here.

Ashcroft L., 2007. Polar Outbreaks over Southern Australia: synoptic mechanisms and planetary links. Honours Thesis submitted as part of the B.Sc. (Hons) degree in the School of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne.

Data and details

  • Monthly southeastern Australian climate data for 1788–1859 described by Ashcroft et al. (2014b) are available here. Please contact me for more details about original sources, or refer to the publication.
  • Dates and sizes of the adjustments made to 1860–2009 southeastern Australian temperature, rainfall and atmospheric pressure data can be found here. For details, please refer to Ashcroft et al. (2012), Gergis and Ashcroft (2013) and Ashcroft et al. (2014a), or contact me. You can also read details about the pre-1910 data from the Bureau of Meteorology, and see a talk of mine here.
  • The dataset of 8.8 million sub-daily weather observations from across Europe and the southern Mediterranean rescued under the UERRA project (article 16) can be accessed from PANGAEA:

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