The power of instability, and stories

This post — a return after several years away — is not a deep musing on how the last year has destabilised us all. It’s not an angry argument for why we need to challenge the boring, stale and stable ideas of what power looks like (although I’d like to write one). It’s not evenContinue reading “The power of instability, and stories”

The week of the cry

OR Is it worth it? A few days ago I came home for lunch and had one of the biggest melt downs I’ve had in ages. Not one of those little tearies that might happen after you stub your toe, but a full on, family pet died kind of crying session. Why? Because I couldContinue reading “The week of the cry”

The week it was still hot

Last week was hot. And this week…still hot. Our old bedroom is now the Bed Frame Room, as the mattress permanently lives in the living room under the fan. Use of the oven is forbidden. I’m on a four-day ice-cream streak. And our clothes are drying in about 90 minutes on the line. So we take to theContinue reading “The week it was still hot”